1951 - 2000

erste Banknotendruckmaschine Koebau-Giori-Intagliocolor

1951 Würzburg

Dr. Hans-Bernhard Schünemann joins the firm.
At the first Drupa in Düsseldorf Koenig & Bauer exhibits a sheetfed letterpress press with an output of 6,000 s/h, the Pax. 

1952 Würzburg

Agreement with the Giori Organisation in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the joint production of security presses.
Construction of the first multicolour intaglio press for printing banknotes. 

1958 Würzburg

Shipment of the first Condor press - the fastest two-revolution press of its day. 

1960 Radebeul

Planeta causes a sensation at the Leipzig Autumn Fair with its PVO 6, a four-colour press with an output of 9,000 s/h. 

1962 Würzburg

Shipment of the first letterpress newspaper press, the Courier.  

1964 Würzburg

A branch factory is built in Trennfeld and the Rotafolio put into serial production. 

Planeta Variant

1965 Radebeul

Launch of the world's first unit-type litho press, the Variant 4 -- a press design has since become the accepted norm. 

1967 Würzburg

Drupa premiere of the Rapida 0 sheetfed offset press.
Koenig & Bauer's 150th jubilee. the company's workforce of 1,960 generates a turnover of DM64 million.
Koenig & Bauer endows a cultural fund. 

Rapida SR 3, leistungsfähigste Bogenoffsetmaschine der Welt

1967 Radebeul

Planeta registers a patent for a convertible perfecting facility for unit-built presses. Merger with two other press manufacturers, Ramasch and Cocima. 

1969 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer ships the first Commander web offset press to Gérard in Verviers, Belgium. 

1971 Würzburg

Dr. Hans Bolza-Schünemann is appointed president. 

1972 Würzburg

Construction of the first Compacta commercial web offset press. 

1972 Radebeul

Completion of a new 42,000m2 assembly hall in Radebeul. 

Lieferung der größten Zeitungsrotation Jumbo-Courier, Gazet van Antwerpen

1974 Würzburg

Shipment of the world's biggest newspaper web press, the Jumbo-Courier, to Gazet van Antwerpen.
With an output of 15,000 s/h the Rapida SR III becomes the fastest 40-inch sheetfed offset press in the world. 

1974 Radebeul

Planeta launches another world first: a sheetfed offset press with eight printing units. 

1976 Würzburg

Inauguration of a high assembly hall for giant presses.
The first Express newspaper presses go into production. 

1980 Würzburg

Production of the first Colortronic electronic system for the remote adjustment of inking and dampening units and plate register.
Factory II in Grombühl, a suburb of Würzburg, is closed down; a 5,000m² assembly hall is erected on the main factory site. 

1982 Radebeul

The Varicontrol remote ink control system and the Varidamp film dampening unit are introduced for all Planeta presses. 

1985 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer goes public. Capital resources exceed DM100 million for the first time.
The Guardian in London orders three Anilox-Courier keyless letterpress machines. 

1985 Frankenthal

The Frankenthal factory ships the TR 7B, the first publication rotogravure press for a web width of more than 3m. 

1986 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer launches the first Rapida 104 sheetfed offset press with a unit-type design. Output: 15,000 s/h.
It also raises its stake in Maschinenfabrik Koenig & Bauer AG Mödling to 97%. 

Flexo-Courier-Maschinen, Daily Mail, London

1986 Radebeul

Planeta ships a ten-unit version sheetfed offset press line to the USA. 

1988 Würzburg

The Daily Mail in London takes delivery of eight Flexo-Courier presses, the largest flexo newspaper installation in the world.
The minority interest in Albert-Frankenthal is increased to 74.99%.
The biggest order to date - for six Commander web offset presses worth over DM150 million - is placed by a customer in England.
Koenig & Bauer posts a turnover of more than DM500 million and publishes a group balance sheet for the first time, showing a consolidated external turnover of more than DM800 million. 

1989 Frankenthal

The world's first anilox offset press for full-colour newspaper printing - Albert-Frankenthal's Alfra CX - goes into operation.  

1989 Radebeul

A customer showroom, complete with training and demonstration facilities, is inaugurated in Radebeul.

1990 Würzburg

At Drupa in Düsseldorf Koenig & Bauer and Albert-Frankenthal exhibit jointly for the first time as the Koenig & Bauer-Albert group (KBA).


Acquisition of a majority interest in the Motter Printing Press Company in York, Pennsylvania, and its change of name to KBA-Motter Corp. A collaborative agreement is signed with Planeta Druckmaschinenwerke, Radebeul. Koenig & Bauer acquires the remaining shares in Albert-Frankenthal, making it a full subsidiary.   

1990 Radebeul

Planeta takes over Royal Zenith Corp. in the USA and renames it Planeta North America Inc.

Planeta is reconverted from a state enterprise to a pubic limited company.  

175-jähriges Firmenjubiläum in Würzburg

1991 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer increases its stake in Planeta to 75.2% and renames it KBA-Planeta AG.
Two new newspaper presses - the KBA Journal and the KBA Colora - are launched on the market.
The company posts a turnover of DM686 million. Group turnover (excluding KBA-Planeta) tops one billion Deutschmarks for the first time. 

1992 Würzburg

Transfer of the entire Rapida division to KBA-Planeta.
Market launch of the Rapida 72.
Sale of the first anilox offset press to a US customer.
175th jubilee celebrations.   

KBA auf der drupa 1995

1994 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer acquires the remaining 24.8% interest in KBA-Planeta 

1994 Radebeul

Shipment of the first eight-colour Rapida press for 4-over-4. 

1995 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer merges with Albert-Frankenthal to create Koenig & Bauer-Albert AG (KBA).
Dr. Hans B. Bolza-Schünemann retires as company president and is appointed deputy chairman of the supervisory board.
Shipment of the first shaftless newspaper press. 

1995 Radebeul

KBA demonstrates an all-digital printshop workflow at Drupa. Market launch of the Rapida large-format series.
Shipment of the first ten-colour Rapida for 5-over-5. 

100. Planeta-Firmenjubiläum, Rapida 105

1996 Frankenthal

Shipment of the world's first publication rotogravure press for a web width of 3.6m, a TR 10B. 

1997 Radebeul

KBA and Israeli pre-press specialist Scitex enter a joint venture to develop the 74 Karat, a digital offset press for short-run colour which is previewed at Imprinta in Düsseldorf. A jv enterprise, Karat Digital Press GmbH, is established in Radebeul. 

1997 Frankenthal

Frankenthal launches the world's first totally shaftless commercial web offset press, the Compacta 215.    

1998 Würzburg

Koenig & Bauer-Albert merges with KBA-Planeta and reverts to the name Koenig & Bauer Aktiengesellschaft (KBA). The Radebeul facility remains the group profit centre for sheetfed offset.
Group turnover exceeds DM1.6 billion. 

1998 Radebeul

Planeta celebrates its centenary with guests from throughout the world. 20,000 locals pack the halls on the open day. A new press is unveiled: the KBA Rapida 105, a high-performance B1 press.
The sheetfed division in Radebeul generates sales worth DM578 million, more than twice the total for 1992. 

drupa, KBA Cortina

1999 Würzburg

At Ifra99 in Amsterdam Koenig & Bauer previews the KBA Cortina, a revolutionary new press for newspaper production in the 21st century.

A new, high-speed double-width, single-circumference press, KBA Prisma, is added to the KBA press range.


2000 Würzburg/Frankenthal/Radebeul

The 74 Karat digital offset press goes into serial production.
At Drupa, KBA demonstrates new advances in every product line, including a new B2 sheetfed offset press, the Rapida 74, and the biggest web press at the show, the 64pp Compacta 818 for high-quality commercial offset. It also unveils a working prototype of the KBA Cortina.
Group turnover in 2000: DM2.1bn.