SMART-Fold Systeme

Create striking brand presence that stands out from the crowd

Advertisements that are immediate eye-catchers are the goal of all of your advertisers. Day for day, consumers are confronted with a veritable flood of advertisements. In order to stand out from this mass as an advertiser, new ideas and striking advertising formats are required.

KBA can offer you various systems for producing a so-called plough folder with which the attractiveness of an advertisement can be increased quickly and easily.

High attention-grabbing impact
SMART-Fold Advertisement with a high level of attention

A reader finds a plough folder in the printed product conspicuous, and by „folding open“ the fold, the readers` attention is caught by the discovery of the content hidden behind the fold. In this way, the attention-grabbing impact of the advertisement as well as the time the consumer spends looking at the advertisement are particularly high.

Suitable for broadsheet and tabloid products

Depending on the version, the systems from our product portfolio allow the creation of plough folders with widths of 25 mm to max. 400 mm, and can be used to design not only broadsheet but also tabloid products. The KBA-SMART-Fold is eye-catching and leaves a lasting impression in the readers‘ mind.

Technical solutions for all needs

From purely mechanical, basic stand-alone systems to fully integrated solutions with motor-driven adjustment, several different versions can be implemented and, depending on your needs and wishes, can be integrated in your printing press

– our KBA specialists will be pleased to advise you and explain the options open to you.