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Optimum performance and maximum return

KBA approved consumables, presented under the PressConsum banner, is a partnership of recognised premium quality brand manufacturers, formed to deliver your KBA-recommended consumables from the one source with a vested interest in your long-term satisfaction...  KBA (UK) Ltd. This means that there are no cracks to fall through, no pillars or posts to be bounced between, no bucks to be passed – because we are here to see that you get the very best from your KBA press investment throughout its working life.

And our service isn’t exclusive to KBA users; our customer-focused solutions are all about helping you to achieve optimum performance levels from all your presses – we analyse your needs and research all the options before we make our recommendations. Our service is not just about the cost of the consumables as they go onto your shelves, but their cost-effectiveness once they’ve gone through your presses.

Tested consumables for even better performance in print
With a whole range of products under the name PressConsum, KBA can be your preferred supplier for high-quality ink series, dampening additives and many other consumables for the sheetfed offset process. All these products have been carefully selected to satisfy the demands of high-performance sheetfed offset and have been optimised specifically for use on RAPIDA presses.

Full KBA BPIF ISO 12647-2 UKAS Certification
The BPIF has developed a UK Certification Scheme for ISO12647-2 because, as with Quality and Environmental Standards, buyers expect auditing and certification from UKAS accredited certification bodies. In response to such customer demands, a growing number of UK printing companies are now working towards this standard.

By choosing to meet the exacting standards of the BPIF Scheme and the requirements of UKAS, companies are able to implement best practice throughout their whole production process and these officially accredited companies will enjoy clear production benefits that impact on efficiency, as well as quality, as a result.

KBA (UK) Ltd. has worked with the BPIF throughout this process and offers its customers expert technical support to help them achieve accreditation. As well as ensuring you have the latest software and hardware upgrades, and  instructing you in the full use of the colour controls on your KBA presses, we offer the benefit of our expertise and knowledge within all areas.

Our team of Print Performance specialists has years of experience in colour management, and understands how to get the best results from your Pre-Press and KBA equipment.

Cost Saving Benefits

Because of its superior inking profiles and more accurate press calibrations, ISO 12647-2 gives you higher quality and more efficient production performance due to quicker makereadies and less waste. KBA(UK) Ltd. has formed a close working relationship with Paul Sherfield of the Missing Horse Consultancy. Paul is noted for his considerable knowledge of digital workflows and his specialist expertise on the business rationale behind such systems. Paul has extensive knowledge of ISO 12647/2 Certification and the Implementation process. He is active in a number of industry groups including the BPIF Technical Standards Committee, ISO TC 130 Printing Standards Committee and is Chair of the BPIF Steering Group for ISO 12647/2 Certification. By working with Paul through KBA (UK) Ltd. to achieve certification, customers benefit from significant cost savings and the opportunity to examine a broad spectrum of efficiency gains.

Your PressConsum Print Performance contacts

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Patricia Csikosova
Consumables Sales Administrator 
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Jonathan Hewitt
Print Performance Specialist, North  
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