ErgoTronic ColorControl

ErgoTronic ColorControl is an automatic colour measuring system. Its motorised measuring head is able to scan control strips at any position on the printed sheet. The position of the control strip in the direction of print is set as a motor parameter.


After scanning of the control strip, the measured solid densities are presented on the screen in a graphic display. The measurements can then be confirmed as a basis for single or dynamic corrections of the ink key settings.


After setting up the measuring system, including calibration for the substrate white, the printer takes a sheet from the press delivery and places it on the console inspection desk for measurement. Subsequently, the proposed corrections can be accepted and transmitted to the press for automatic modification of the ink profile.


ErgoTronic ColorControl




Technical data



Optimum control strip height / min. height1)

6 mm / 4 mm

Measurement cycle / makeready2)

120 / 240 sheets

Measuring time

10 s / m

1) Process prerequisites
2) Reference job "KBA_Ger_Color"