Rapida 106

Feeder and infeed

Anleger0001 a-neu

DriveTronic feeder

  • Feeder motions controlled via 4 servo motors
  • Continuous, stepless pile lifting with automatic speed compensation (paper / board)
  • Automatic format setting
  • Automatic pile side edge alignment
  • Front-edge pile height sensing with automatic compensation of the feeder head height
  • Skew-sheet correction at the feeder head during production
  • Antistatic loosening and separating air

Suction-belt feed table

  • Suction-belt feed table with stainless, antistatic structured surface, a single feed belt and multi-chamber vacuum system
  • Electronically controlled sheet deceleration to ensure optimum sheet arrival speed at the front lays


  • Swing infeed accelerates the sheet smoothly for transfer to the feed drum
  • Motorised remote adjustment with DriveTronic Infeed for front lays, feed line and front lay cover height
  • Photoelectric infeed sensors with motorised setting from the control console or infeed display
  • Touchscreen display with direct function keys for reliable and intuitive press operation

SIS oben neu
DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System)

  • Patented KBA sheet infeed system
  • Electronically controlled lateral sheet alignment
  • Integration into automatic format setting eliminates all need for operator intervention
  • Gentle sheet positioning with the highest possible accuracy
  • Patented Venturi system before the feed line for smooth sheet infeed
  • Pneumatic drive elements for precise positioning of the sheet, even at maximum speed
  • Pile side edge alignment via the SIS sensor

Sheet monitoring

  • Ultrasonic double-sheet detector, also for inhomogeneous materials
  • Multiple-sheet detector
  • Optical skew-sheet sensors
  • Optical front lay sensors with electropneumatic overshoot blocking
  • Magnetic crash bar

Non-stop operation at the feeder

  • Manual non-stop system with individual rods for uninterrupted production during pile changes
  • Fully automatic non-stop system with sensor-monitored rake, suitable for pile logistics integration
  • Sensor monitoring for pile transportand pile reunion
  • Pile insertion possible from all three sides 

Printing unit

Design principles

  • Unit design
  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer systems for reliable sheet travel over the full substrate range
  • 7 o‘clock cylinder arrangement
  • Substructure cast in a single piece for high torsional rigidity and stability
  • Continuous gear train for smooth running and precision
  • Corrosion-free cylinder surface finish
  • Bearer contact and play-free bearings for precise rolling between plate and blanket cylinders
  • Central lubrication

Sheet travel

  • Gentle, air-cushioned sheet travel with blower systems to prevent slapping against the blanket cylinder and Venturi guide plates under the transfer drums
  • Air settings can be set and saved at the ErgoTronic console for repeat jobs
  • Automatic setting of the substrate thickness
  • Two-stage pneumatic impression on/off switching

Universal gripper system

  • No adjustments required to accommodate changes in substrate thickness
  • Coated gripper tips and structured gripper pads for maximum holding force
  • Gripper pads and tips can be replaced individually
  • Increased gripper shaft diameter
  • Wider outer grippers to avoid critical sheet overhangs 

Register setting

  • Mechatronic remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register from the ErgoTronic console
  • Diagonal register achieved by tilting the transfer drums
  • ErgoTronic ACR (Automatic Camera Register) for automatic measurement and control based on individual sheets via a separate video magnifier
  • ErgoTronic ICR (Integrated Camera Register) for fully automatic register control on the sheet inspection desk
  • QualiTronic ICR for fully automatic register control in the press


Design principles

  • Proven three-drum configuration for exact perfecting register
  • Special perfecting drum gripper system handling a broad substrate range
  • Fully automatic conversion between straight and perfecting mode in approx. 2 minutes

Wendung0000 a
Sheet guiding after perfecting

  • KBA Jackets on the impression cylinders
  • Anti-marking coat on the drum shells
  • Sheet guide plates can be removed individually without tools
  • Gentle, air-cushioned sheet travel with blower systems and Venturi guide plates under the transfer drums
  • Twisting suckers spread the rear edge of the sheet tight on the storage drum
  • Air settings made at the ErgoTronic console can be saved and recalled for repeat jobs
  • Sheet travel sensor
  • Video system to observe sheet travel below the perfecting drum and in the delivery
  • Optical missing sheet sensor

Inking unit

DriveTronic SRW (Simultaneous Roller Wash)

  • Inking unit incorporating dedicated drive technology
  • Roller washing parallel to other makeready processes (except plate change)
  • Independent roller washing, also during production
  • Extreme makeready savings

ColorTronic ink duct

  • Ink-repellent coating EasyClean
  • Makeready shortened by up to 50%
  • Ink keys with carbide blades and ceramic-coated ink duct roller
  • Remote control of the ink keys
  • Wear-free ink metering ensures accurately reproducible settings
  • Ink duct roller speed compensated to the press speed

Walzenstuhl Rapida 106 A4-neu
Inking unit

  • Improved, fast-reacting inking unit
  • Remote setting of vibrator frequency and blocking from the control console
  • Ink train separation with impressionoff
  • Stepless adjustment of the oscillation timing from the control console during production
  • Ink forme roller oscillation
  • Inking unit temperature control for duct roller and oscillating distributors
  • Individual engaging/disengaging of inking units for reduced roller wear and minimised makeready times; the rollers stand still
  • Inking unit air-blast system for special inks
  • Ink mist filter for UV inks

Dampening unit

  • Speed-compensated VariDamp filmtype dampening unit for a stable ink-water balance
  • Skewing of the dampening duct roller to adapt dampening solution distribution across the press width
  • Oscillating rider on the dampening duct roller
  • Differential drive to eliminate hickeys, activated from the control console during production
  • Dampening solution preparation with digital temperature control and display

Plate change

FAPC (Fully Automatic Plate Change)

  • Automatic plate change on the whole press after program start at the control console
  • Parallel changing in several printing units, completed in 3 cycles
  • Faster, optimised change process including register zeroing
  • Divided rear plate clamps

DriveTronic SPC (Simultaneous Plate Change)

  • Simultaneous, fully automatic plate change in all printing units
  • Plate cylinder direct drive with dedicated high-torque motors
  • Plate change parallel to other makeready processes on the press, e.g. blanket washing; effective makeready time thus 0 seconds
  • Paper stretch compensation

FJC (Flying JobChange)

  • "Flying job changes" in a matter of seconds
  • DriveTronic SPC and DriveTronic Plate Ident permit fully automatic plate changes during on-going production
  • Automatic cleaning of the blanket with "print clean" function
  • Especially recommendable for short runs with frequently changing language Versions

DriveTronic Plate Ident

  • System for register presetting and plate identification directly on the press
  • Sensors on the plate holder detect additional register marks
  • Register presetting values are calculated individually for all printing units
  • Automatic implementation of the necessary corrections on the press
  • Reading of a data matrix code verifies the presence of the correct plate for the current job
  • Faster makeready as register adjustment already occurs during fully automatic plate changing



Washing systems

CleanTronic roller washing unit

  • Automatic roller washing unit withoptimum washing agent applicationand efficient doctoring of inkingrollers
  • FastClean: fast roller washing at upto 12,000sph
  • DriveTronic SRW: roller washing inparallel to production run

CleanTronic blanket and impression cylinderwashing unit

  • Multi-purpose washing system forink rollers, blanket and impressioncylinder
  • Swing-action washing beam forcombined blanket and impressioncylinder washing
  • Parallel washing of rollers and blanket
  • Serial washing of blanket andimpression cylinder
  • Individual programming and centralcontrol of washing programs
  • Use of dry cloth or ready-impregnatedcloth rolls
  • Indication of washing cloth consumptionat the control console

CleanTronic Synchro

  • Separate washing beams for blanketand impression cylinder washing
  • Parallel washing of blanket andimpression cylinder
  • Parallel washing of rollers and blanket

CleanTronic Multi

CleanTronic UV

  • Safety function to eliminate waitingtimes before and after cylinderwashing when printing with UV inks
  • More efficient makeready and longerservice life for UV lamps

“Print clean” function

  • Targeted stripping of the remainingink from plate and blanket
  • Reduced blanket washing times andmaterial consumption
  • Pre-selection of the number of sheetsto be used
  • Can replace blanket washing for shortruns


Coater tower

  • Chamber blade coating system with laser-engraved anilox roller 
  •  Remote pressure setting
  • Remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register
  • Quick-release clamps with register system for coating plates
  • Lightweight anilox rollers for fast and convenient roller exchange

Chamber blade system

  • Hydropneumatic chamber control for constant and even coating application
  • HydroComp blade pressure control ensures maximum blade life

Coating supply system

  • Coating supply system for dispersion and UV coatings in separate circuits
  • Central control via the press console
  • Fully automatic cleaning for dispersion and UV coatings
  • Excellent cleaning result enabling immediate use of the coating system for the next job
  • Intelligent Viscosity Logic (IVL) for coating level control and viscositydependent pump control
  • Heating for UV coatings
  • Specialty Circulation Kit for metallic coatings and other special applications

Automated coating forme change

  • Automated coating forme change with change time approx. 1 min

DriveTronic SFC (Simultaneous Forme Change)

  • Automated coating forme change
  • Coating forme change parallel to other makeready processes on the printing unit

KBA AniloxLoader

  • Facility for fully automatic anilox roller exchange
  • Magazine above the coater tower as intermediate storage
  • Exchange process runs simultaneously with other makeready processes
  • Integrated into the job changeover program




























































































Dryer system

VariDry IR/hot-air

  • IR/hot-air drying with stepless control
  • Can be installed as final dryers or in a dryer tower
  • Carbon twin lamps with IR power rating of 60 W/cm
  • Lamp replacement without tools
  • Automatic pile temperature regulation and dryer control  


  • System variant for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Energy-saving potential up to 50 % compared to conventional IR/hot-air dryers
  • Unsaturated dryer air recirculated within the extended delivery
  • Controlled via the press console

VariDry UV

  • Compact dryer module with UV power rating of 160 W/cm (stepless control)
  • Can be installed as final dryers or in a dryer tower
  • Lamp replacement without tools
  • Automatic pile temperature regulation and dryer control
  • Lamp-specific acquisition of operating hours, irrespective of installation position
  • CleanTronic UV to shorten waiting times when washing

VariDry HR-UV

  • Use of specially doped mercury lamps in a flexible modular system
  • Lamps matched precisely to highly reactive inks
  • Stepless adjustment of the lamp power between 80 and 200 W/cm
  • Reduced energy costs through jobspecific setting of the lamp output
  • A single HR-UV module is sufficient for the curing of up to 5 highly reactive inks printed "wet-in-wet"
  • Ozone-free HR-UV lamps eliminate the need for emission extraction systems in the delivery
  • Fast and simple module exchange thanks to reliable, plug-in media connectors
  • Universal KBA dryer module design allowing the use of different UV lamps

VariDry LED-UV

  • UV lamps in flexible modular design, using light-emitting diodes
  • No maintenance expense
  • Wavelength matched exactly to special, highly reactive LED inks
  • No warm-up phase and no standby mode necessary
  • UV output can be adjusted to the format width and length
  • Very long service life
  • Mercury-free
  • Minimal heat input into the print substrate
  • Same scope of applications as HR-UV dryers


Auslage0000 gedrehter HG-neu
Sheet travel

  • High-level delivery for smooth sheet transport
  • Touchscreen display with direct function keys for reliable and intuitive press operation
  • Venturi sheet guiding system, with all air settings made and saved at the console
  • Shadow-free aerodynamic gripper systems to accommodate radiation dryers
  • Speed-compensated gripper opening cam for a broad range of substrates
  • Fan modules and blower bars with directional air flow promote optimum pile formation; with remote adjustment
  • Standard-compliant light barriers to guard the hazardous area 

Powder sprayer

  • High-performance powder sprayer with antistatic blower air and remote control from the console
  • Speed-compensated and formatdependent powder metering
  • Integrated powder extraction

Sheet brake

  • Dynamic sheet brake with speedcompensated suction belts for smooth and precise pile formation
  • Maximum utilisation of the sheet format when printing on the reverse
  • Automatic format adjustment
  • Deactivation of individual suction modules from the console
  • Substrate-dependent control of suction power
  • “Easy-click” replacement of suction modules

Emission Extraction System EES

  • Extraction system to eliminate health hazards from ozone and VOC emissions


Extended delivery

  • Extension modules for dryer installations
  • Enhanced productivity when coating thanks to longer time for drying

Non-stop operation at the delivery

  • Non-stop pile change possible at full production speed
  • Lowerable non-stop roller rack extended automatically above the main pile
  • Sensor monitoring for lifting/lowering of main and auxiliary piles


27766 L
Non-stop operation at the feeder

  • Non-stop system with individual rods for uninterrupted production during pile changes
  • Fully automatic non-stop system with sensor-monitored rake for pile transport and pile reunion
  • Pile insertion and removal possible from all three sides

Non-stop operation at the delivery

  • Non-stop pile change possible at full production speed
  • Lowerable non-stop roller rack extended automatically above the main pile
  • Sensor monitoring for lifting/lowering of main and auxiliary piles 


  • Networking of press control, nonstop pile changing systems and pallet supply for efficient print production
  • Proven logistics modules
  • Elaboration of customer-specific solutions
  • Pallet-free paper supply possible


Leitstand Multi-neu

  • Wall screen for visualisation of all press settings   
  • Live image from QualiTronic ColorControl on wall screen   
  • ColorTronic ink metering with ink profile displays on console   
  • Integration with existing DensiTronic professional possible   
  • Sheet inspection desk with adjustable desk angle   
  • Motorised console height adjustment with memory function   
  • USB port for fast communication of job data   
  • Uninterruptible power supply to enable controlled press shutdown in case of power supply failure 
  • Integrated remote maintenance module KBA PressSupport 24 Sheetfed with Internet link for remote maintenance and software updates   

Control console functions

(dependent on incorporated options)  

  • Job changeover program JobAccess for automatic job presetting   
  • Job-specific saving of all relevant press parameters for repeat jobs   
  • Remote register setting
  • Control for all peripheral equipment
  • Maintenance indicator and print-Outs of maintenance lists   
  • Unbroken production data acquisition in conjunction with LogoTronic Professional   
  • Creation and printing of pile dockets
  • Preview images   

New TouchTronic operating functions  

  • Touchscreen for intuitive access to all press functions   
  • Less start-up waste thanks to new functions to establish ink profiles   
  • All operating functions accessible with no more than 2 clicks   
  • Job list with preview images and functions for job order optimisation based on ink coverage data   

Technical data

Sheet format


Maximum (straight/perfecting)

740 x 1,060 / 740 x 1,060 mm

Special format (straight)

750 x 1,060 mm / 780 x 1,060 mm

Minimum (straight/perfecting)

340 x 480 / 400 x 480 mm 

Print format


Maximum (straight/perfecting)

730 x 1,050 mm / 720 x 1,050 mm

Special format (straight)

740 x 1,050 mm / 770 x 1,050 mm

Substrates 1)



0.04 – 0.7 mm

With board-handling package (from approx. 450 g/m²)

up to 1.2 mm

With courrugated package

up to 1.6 mm

Film equipment

0.1 - 0.7

Perfector press

up to 0.6 mm

Perfector press with board-handling package

up to 0.8 mm

Gripper margin

10 mm

Production speed2)


Up to 9 printing units + coater or 10 printing units 

18,000 sheets/h  

With high-speed package (option)

20,000 sheets/h

Perfector press up to 10 printing units in straight mode

18,000 sheets/h 

Prefector press up to 10 printing units in perfecting mode

15,000 sheets/h 

With high-speed package (option)

18,000 sheets/h

Pile heights from floor


1,250 mm


1,200 mm

Feeder in non-stop operation

1,000 mm

Delivery in non-stop operation

900 mm

Plate and blanket dimensions

Plate size

795 x 1060 mm

Copy line (standard)

36 mm

Blanket size

860 x 1070 mm


1) Printability is also influenced decisively by the flexural rigidity of the substrate
2) Dependent on individual processing parameters, e.g. the inks and substrates used

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