Rapida 185 / 205

Feeder and infeed

DriveTronic feeder 

  • Feeder controlled via four servo motors, with jerk-free continuous pile lift and automatic lifting speed compensation (paper / board) 
  • Antistatic rear-edge separating air 
  • Automatic format setting 
  • Automatic pile side edge control 
  • Front-edge pile height sensing with automatic compensation of the feeder head height 
  • Skew-sheet correction at the feeder head during production   


Suction-belt feed table 

  • Suction-belt feed table with stainless, antistatic structured surface, with 2 suction belts and multi-chamber vacuum system 
  • Electronically controlled sheet deceleration to ensure optimum sheet arrival speed at the front lays 



  • Infeed accelerates the sheet to press speed 
  • Motorised remote adjustment of the feed line and front lay cover height   


Touchscreen display 

  • Touchscreen display with direct function keys for reliable and intuitive press operation   


Vacuum side lay 

  • Marking-free alignment of the sheet 
  • Multi-chamber vacuum system to permit matching to different substrates 
  • Automatic format setting   


Sheet monitoring 

  • Ultrasonic double-sheet detector
  • Optional: Capacitive double-sheet detector for inhomogeneous materials 
  • Multiple-sheet detector 
  • Optical skew-sheet and side lay sensors 
  • Optical front lay sensors with electropneumatic overshoot blocking Magnetic crash bar



Printing unit

Design principles

  • Substructure cast in a single piece for high torsional rigidity, stability and reduced weight
  • Continuous gear train for smooth running and precision
  • Unit design with “7 o'clock” cylinder arrangement
  • Corrosion-free cylinder surface finish
  • Bearer contact and play-free bearings for precise rolling between plate and blanket cylinders
  • Automatic bearer cleaners
  • Central lubrication for the most important lubrication points


Sheet travel 

  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer systems for reliable sheet travel over the full substrate range
  • Air-cushioned sheet travel with blower bars, Venturi guide plates and comb suckers  


Universal gripper system

  • No adjustments required to accommodate changes in substrate thickness
  • Ceramic-coated gripper tips and structured gripper pads with cast, elastic inlays for high holding forces and low wear
  • Gripper pads and tips can be replaced individually  


Fully automatic plate change (FAPC)

  • Parallel changing in 2 cycles
  • Three-part, divided rear plate clamps  


Register setting

  • Remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register
  • Diagonal register achieved by tilting the transfer drums
  • Optional: ErgoTronic ACR for automatic and exact register checking and correction    

Inking unit

ColorTronic ink duct

  • Ink keys with carbide blades and ceramic-coated ink duct roller
  • Remote control of the ink keys
  • Wear-free ink metering ensures accurately reproducible settings
  • Ink duct roller speed compensated to the press speed for constant ink transport 




Walzen 205
Inking unit

  • Fast-reacting single-train inking unit
  • Remote setting of vibrator frequency and blocking
  • Ink train separation with impression-off to maintain the vertical ink distribution in the inking unit
  • Stepless remote adjustment of the oscillation timing during production
  • Remote switching of ink forme roller oscillation
  • Oscillating distributors prepared for inking unit temperature control
  • Individual engaging/disengaging of inking units for reduced roller wear and minimised makeready times  


Dampening unit

  • Speed-compensated Varidamp film-type dampening unit for a stable ink-water balance
  • Differential drive to eliminate hickeys, activated/deactivated during production 


Roller washing

  • Individual programming and central control of washing programs
  • Multiple-media washing system permitting the use of different ink systems


Multi-purpose washing system for plates, blankets and impression cylinders

  • Indication of washing cloth consumption
  • Individual programming and central control of washing programs
  • Multiple-media washing circuits permitting the use of different ink systems


"Print clean" function

  • Targeted stripping of the remaining ink from plate and blanket
  • Reduced blanket washing times
  • Enhanced production stability with thin materials



Chamber blade system 

  • Chamber blade system for constant and even coating application
  • Optional: Roller hoist (crane) facility for fast and user-friendly anilox roller change  


Coating supply system 

  • Coating supply system for dispersion and UV coatings in separate circuits
  • Central control of fully automatic cleaning for dispersion and UV coatings
  • Excellent cleaning result enabling immediate use of the coating system for the next job  


Coating forme change

  • Automated coating forme change
  • Remote pressure setting
  • Remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register

Dryer systems

Grafix IR/hot-air dryers

  • IR power rating of 60 W/cm
  • Lamp replacement without tools
  • Automatic pile temperature regulation and dryer control
  • Can be installed as final dryers, as intermediate dryers or in a dryer tower  


Grafix UV dryers

  • UV lamps with UV power rating of 160 W/cm (stepless control)
  • Lamp replacement without tools
  • WashTronic for enhanced productivity and maximum service life of the UV lamps  


Sheet travel

  • Speed-compensated gripper opening cam for a broad range of substrates
  • Fan modules and blower bars ensure smooth sheet guiding
  • Light barriers to guard the hazardous area  


Touchscreen display

  • Touchscreen display with direct function keys for reliable and intuitive press operation  


Suction roller

  • Suction roller with pre-suction plate and variable speed to facilitate smooth sheet delivery
  • Automatic format setting
  • Individual air setting for suction rings  


Powder sprayer

  • Speed-compensated and format-dependent powder metering  


Extraction system

  • Elimination of health hazards from ozone and VOC emissions in conjunction with customer extraction ducting  


Dryer tower

  • Printing unit substructure to extend sheet travel and provide space for dryer installations
  • Enhanced productivity through fast drying times
  • Constant, narrow clearance between dryer and substrate surface ensures high energy efficiency

Non-stop systems


  • Optional: Non-stop system with individual rods for fast manual pile change
  • Optional: Fully automatic change with non-stop rake, with monitoring sensors for pile transport and pile reunion
  • Pile insertion and removal possible from all three sides  



  • Non-stop pile change possible at full production speed
  • Optional: Lowerable non-stop roller rack extended automatically in the direction of sheet travel
  • Sensor monitoring for lifting/lowering of main and auxiliary piles  


Optional: Logistics

  • Networking of press control, non-stop systems and pallet handling for maximum production efficiency
  • Range of proven logistics modules available
  • Elaboration of customer-specific solutions
  • Pallet-less paper supply possible  

Console and workflow management

ErgoTronic Professional control console 

  • 19" TFT touchscreen for ergonomic access to all press functions
  • USB port for fast communication of job data
  • ColorTronic ink metering with ink profile displays on console
  • Motorised console height adjustment and sheet inspection desk with adjustable desk angle
  • Uninterruptible power supply to enable controlled press shutdown in case of power supply failure
  • Integrated remote maintenance module  


Control console functions

  • Job changeover program for automatic job presetting
  • Job-specific saving of all relevant press parameters for repeat jobs
  • Presetting of format and substrate thickness
  • Presetting of all substrate-specific air settings
  • Job-specific presetting of ColorTronic ink metering
  • Remote register setting
  • Presetting and selection of washing functions
  • Control for all peripheral equipment (except logistics / dryers from other manufacturers)
  • Maintenance indicator  



  • Entry-level solution for a flexible workflow:
  • CIPLink to convert CIP3 data for automatic ink profile presetting on the press  


LogoTronic Professional

  • Comprehensive management system for KBA presses:
  • CIP4/JDF interface to an MIS
  • Order management
  • Press presetting
  • Master data, including central ink database
  • PressWatch for graphic representation of the overall production process
  • SpeedWatch for graphic representation of job progress
  • Report functions

Technical data

Rapida 185
Rapida 205

Sheet format


1300 x 1850

1510 x 2050 mm


900 x 1350

900 x 1350 mm



1290 x 1850 mm

1490 x 2050 mm

Substrates 1


0.1 - 0.6 mm

0.1 - 0.6 mm

With board equipment

up to 1.2 mm

up to 1.2 mm

With corrugated equipment

up to 1.6 mm

up to 1.6 mm

Max. printing speed 2

Press up to 6 printing units

11000 sh/h

9000 sh/h

Pile heights 3


1400 mm

1400 mm


1100 mm

1100 mm

Plate/blanket dimensions

Plate size

1425 x 1860 mm

1560 x 2060 mm 4

Copy line

72 mm

44 mm

Blanket size

1600 x 1890 mm

1655 x 2090 mm


1) Decisive for printability is also the flexural rigidity of the substrate

2) Dependent on individual processing parameters, e.g. the inks and substrates used

3) From floor / without non-stop operation

4) Can be adapted to the specific requirements of the individual user.

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