Rapida 75

Feeder and infeed


  • High-performance feeder designed for a broad range of substrates
  • Soundproofing to reduce noise emissions
  • Efficient feeder head for reliable sheet separation and feeding
  • Automatic format settings for the feeder head, side guides and side blowers
  • Automatic pile side edge alignment by ± 10 mm
  • Non-stop pile change facility available to enable uninterrupted production

Suction-belt feed table

  • Stainless, antistatic structured surface
  • Separately controlled vacuum chambers
  • Two suction belts


  • Swing infeed and single-size infeed drum
  • Pneumatic side lay for marking-free sheet alignment
  • No adjustment of front lay cover height necessary in case of substrate changes
  • Diagonal adjustment of the infeed line by ± 0.3 mm

Sheet sensors

  • Ultrasonic and electromechanical double-sheet detectors
  • Optical front lay sensors
  • Electropneumatic overshoot protection for missing, skew and double sheets

Printing unit

Design principles

  • Unit design
  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums for reliable sheet travel over the whole substrate range
  • 7 o‘clock cylinder arrangement
  • Side frames joined with robust crossbeams
  • Corrosion-free cylinder surface finish
  • Bearer contact and play-free bearings for precise rolling between plate and blanket cylinders
  • Two-stage impression on/off switching
  • Mechanical bearer cleaners
  • Central lubrication

Sheet travel

  • Mechanical and air-based sheet guiding elements for reliable sheet travel with substrates up to 0.8 mm thickness
  • Sheet travel sensors
  • Transfer systems without drum shells

Universal gripper system

  • No adjustments required to accommodate changes in substrate thickness
  • Hardened gripper tips and finestructured gripper pads for maximum holding forces and exact sheet transfers
  • Gripper pads and tips can be replaced individually
  • Precise register stability at all speeds and for all substrates
  • No settings

Register setting

  • Remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register
  • Diagonal register achieved by tilting the transfer drums
  • ErgoTronic ACR for exact, automatic register control and correction

plate change

Plate change

  • Automated plate change (SAPC)
  • Automatic clamping and tensioning of the plate
  • Divided rear plate clamps
  • Change time less than one minute per printing unit

Inking and dampening unit

Ink duct

  • Ink keys and plasma-coated ink duct roller
  • Remote control of the ink keys
  • Wear-free ink metering ensures accurately reproducible settings
  • Ink duct roller speed compensated to the press speed

Inking unit

  • Fast-reacting single-train inking unit
  • Stepless mechanical adjustment of the oscillation timing
  • Fast setting of ink forme roller oscillation

Dampening unit

  • Speed-compensated film-type dampening unit for a stable ink-water balance
  • Skewing of the dampening duct roller to adapt dampening solution distribution across the press width
  • Differential drive to eliminate hickeys

Washing device

Washing systems

  • Individual programming and central control of washing programs
  • Blanket and impression cylinder washing using dry cloth
  • Separate washing beams for blanket and impression cylinder washing
  • CleanTronic Synchro: Parallel washing of blankets and impression cylinders for even faster makeready
  • Cloth consumption indicator on the delivery touchscreen display
  • "Print clean" function: Targeted stripping of the remaining ink from plate and blanket with a preselected number of sheets


Sheet travel

  • High-level delivery for smooth sheet transport
  • Speed-compensated gripper opening cam to accommodate the most varied substrates
  • Fan modules above the pile for gentle sheet delivery
  • Suction roller with variable speed and suction power
  • Standard-compliant light barriers to guard the hazardous area
  • Non-stop facility with rake for uninterrupted production during pile changes
  • Automatic format setting for the side joggers and suction roller

Powder sprayer

  • Speed-compensated and formatdependent powder metering

Sheet brake

  • Suction roller with variable speed and suction power for smooth pile formation

Extraction system (EES)

  • To eliminate possible health hazards from ozone and VOC emissions in UV production

Extended delivery

  • Delivery extension by 1,410 mm (ALV2) or 2,100 mm (ALV3)
  • Enhanced productivity when coating thanks to longer time for drying


RA75 Wendung
Three-drum perfecting unit

  • Three-drum perfecting unit with double-size systems to accommodate a broad spectrum of substrates
  • High register stability
  • Special gripper system to keep the rear edge of the sheet tight
  • Fully automatic mode conversion in no more than two minutes
  • Impression cylinders after the perfecting with KBA jackets
  • Drum shells with ink-repellent roughchrome surface on the transfer drums
  • Gentle sheet guiding based on blower air

Coating and drying

Chamber blade system

  • Hydropneumatic chamber control for constant and even coating application
  • Lightweight anilox rollers
  • Quick-release locking mechanism for fast and simple replacement

Coating supply

  • Fully automatic coating supply and cleaning system
  • Excellent cleaning result enabling immediate use of the coating system for the next job
  • Coating type change in approx. one to two minutes
  • Switch from dispersion coating to UV, or vice versa, in approx. six minutes

Coating forme change

  • Automated coating forme change
  • Coating forme cylinder with quick-action clamps and register pin system for exact positioning of the coating plate
  • Remote setting of the printing pressure
  • Remote setting of the lateral, circumferential and diagonal register from the console
  • Use of photopolymer formes or aluminium-based coating plates

IR/hot-air drying system

  • Dryer system with IR lamps and hotair knives as slide-in modules in the extended delivery
  • Infrared/hot-air dryers with stepless control
  • Dryer control via touchpanel on the cabinet
  • Automatic pile temperature control in the delivery


  • Combination of IR/hot air and UV dryers in the extended delivery (ALV3) for flexible use of conventional and UV ink and coating systems
  • IR lamps and hot-air knives in the swanneck and extended delivery
  • UV modules as final dryers in the extended delivery or as interdeck dryers
  • Convenient operation from the console
  • Significant energy savings through recirculation of the partially saturated drying air within the extended delivery

UV drying

  • UV modules can be used as either interdeck or final dryers
  • Plugged media connections for fast module replacement without tools
  • Convenient operation from the console

Console, quality and the environment

ErgoTronic console

  • 19-inch touchscreen for ergonomic access to press functions
  • Ink metering with ink profile display on the desk
  • CIP3 interface for ink key presetting
  • USB port for fast job data exchange
  • Saving of all relevant press parameters for repeat jobs
  • Remote register setting
  • Job changeover program JobAccess
  • Integrated remote maintenance module KBA PressSupport 24 Sheetfed with Internet connection

Delivery touchscreen display

  • Remote setting of ink and register at the delivery
  • Clear, intuitive control of all automatic press functions

Quality control

Technical Details

Sheet format 


maximum (standard/option)  

530 x 750 / 605 x 750 mm 


330 x 330 

Print format 



Plate and Blanket dimensions

510 x 735 / 585 x 735 mm  

Plate size (standard/option)

605 x 745 / 660 x 745 mm

Blanket size

745 x 700 mm




0.04 – 0.6 / 0.04 - 0.8 mm  

Production speed



15,000 sph  


16,000 sph 

with 7 units or more 

13,000 sph 

Pile height


980 mm


920 mm


2 to 8 printing units + coater

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