Folder maintenance

Preventive folder maintenance to avoid unplanned production downtime and to preserve high folding precision.

You want to impress your readers, advertisers and print buyers with an immaculately printed product. Which means delivering a brilliant print quality and razor-sharp folds. In order to preserve the outstanding folding precision of KBA web presses throughout their entire service life, we offer a choice of three folder maintenance packages:

  • 3,000 h folder maintenance
  • 10,000 h folder maintenance
  • 30,000 h folder maintenance
Replacement of folder tapes as a separate module

Every folder maintenance comprises a full examination including check of the control cams and of the copy guide system. As an option all tapes in the folder can be replaced. Only tapes of KBA OEM quality, prepared in factory, are used.

We believe that, for our customers, transparency and the ability to plan ahead are of crucial importance. Which is why we submit a precise calculation and offer for the delivery and installation of a standardised spare-parts package, and the labour involved in readjusting the folder.

No needless downtimes

To avoid needless downtimes we organise installation work to fit in with your production schedule. Where the press is in frequent or constant use folder maintenance can be conducted in several stages, allowing night-time production to continue as planned. With the standard maintenance packages there is generally no need for a prior inspection. 

Combination with the KBA Service contract

By including folder maintenance in a KBA Service Contract you benefit from very attractive duration & volume dependent discount effects – from the very first year on!