Reelstand maintenance

Paper is a basic component of print production, thus a trouble-free supply to the press is essential for the high level of productivity demanded today.

We recommend regular reelstand maintenance to safeguard this supply, even after years of operation. With careful co-ordination this can be carried out by our service specialists at 2 levels:

  • 15,000 h maintenance
  • 30,000 h maintenance
Maintenance without needless press downtime times

Years of experience, and a predefined spare-parts package for each individual reelstand, enable our experts to calculate the labour input precisely. A prior inspection is not normally necessary. We organise maintenance work around your production schedule, avoiding unnecessary press downtime.

Combined with PATRAS M or A maintenance

As an option, PATRAS M or A maintenance can be booked together with reelstand maintenance saving you further travel costs for technicians and avoiding additional interruptions to production.

Save costs with a KBA service contract

Save costs by integrating maintenance services in a KBA service contract. You will benefit from volume and timedependent discounts from the first year on.