C32 SG - C56 SG

Winning features

  • 65,000 iph for high productivity and cost efficiency

  • Minigaps to reduce print-free margin

  • Automatic plate change in around two minutes, irrespective of the number of plates

  • KBA RollerTronic automated roller locks to reduce maintenance

  • Optimised film inking units for a precise, uniform application of ink

  • Autoconvertible P5 folder

  • Ergonomic, user-friendly operation

  • Optional JDF process integration via KBA LogoTronic

Paper logistics

C48SG Logistik
Our KBA Patras A integrated reel-handling system includes an option for automating the entire flow of paper from goods reception, reel storage and the on-demand supply of prepared reels at the reelstands to reel loading, stub removal and disposal. The system includes electronic controls for the individual sequences at the consoles.

KBA Patras is robust, cost-effective and requires a minimum of maintenance. Optimising paper logistics with Patras can deliver substantial savings in both costs and waste.  

Pastomat CL

A modular design allows our reelstands to be customised precisely to suit your production demands and plant architecture. So you can choose any level and scale from a modest manual system to a fully automated large-scale operation. Our high-performance Pastomat CL reelstand with central drive and split arms can be embedded easily in an automated reel-logistics system. The new web is spliced onto the expiring one automatically at maximum production speed. The Pastomat CL’s beltless technology simplifies the splicing process enormously. Infinitely adjustable split arms are a standard feature of the Pastomat CL and enables it to accept different width reels for maximum flexibility during frequent edition changes. 

Printing unit

  1. Ink duct
  2. Duct roller
  3. Film roller
  4. Ink distributor  
  5. Transfer roller (rilsan-coated)  
  6. Transfer roller  
  7. Rider roller  
  8. Transfer roller  
  9. Transfer roller  
  10. Transfer roller  
  11. Transfer roller  
  12. Ink-forme roller, oscillating  
  13. Ink-forme roller  
  14. Ink-forme roller  
  15. Transfer roller  
  16. Doctor blade roller  
  17. Dampening-duct roller  
  18. Chrome roller, oscillating  
  19. Dampener forme roller, oscillating  
  20. Water fountain



The off-bearer printing units in our C48 SG and C56 SG combine a durable design with innovative technology. They are engineered for the hard realities of high-volume triple-shift print production. The plate and blanket cylinders guarantee a smooth press run and high commercial quality even at web speeds of up to 15mps (2,953fpm)  

The temperature-controlled blankets and smooth-running, carbon-reinforced synthetic inking rollers ensure a stable printing process in continuous operation. The higher number of large-diameter inking rollers compared to rival presses delivers rich, balanced solids. A bigger diameter also means less abrasion. This applies equally to the dampener forme rollers in the KBA C48 SG and C56 SG. 


Plattenwechsler C48 SG
Plattenwechsler C48 SG
Automatic plate change

The C48 SG is designed for maximum productivity. Which is why standard features include automatic plate changers to minimum makeready and down times. Semi-automatic plate changing is available as an option. The dual-motor drive system allows plates to be changed simultaneously in the upper and lower printing units. Our automatic plate-changing systems have demonstrated their reliability and minimum maintenance on countless newspaper and commercial presses the world over.  

Automatic roller locks

Roller Tronic Walzenschloss
When actuated by push-button from the console panel, RollerTronic automatically sets and adjusts all the inking rollers in less than two minutes. Irksome time- and cost-intensive manual roller setting, and the hours of down time associated with it, are history. Rollers set with optimum precision ensure that ink is transferred uniformly across the entire width. RollerTronic dramatically reduces roller abrasion and thus the frequency with which rubber coatings must be replaced, thereby delivering further cost savings. It obviates uneven wear and tear arising from the incorrect positioning of the rollers relative to each other. Correct roller settings reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption while promoting optimum production conditions. 

Automatically adjustable roller bearing

  1. Pressure chamber for roller throw-off
  2. Pressure chamber for setting roller relative to ink distributor
  3. Blocking mechanism (after automatic setting)
  4. Pressure chamber for setting roller relative to plate cylinder
  5. Module for controlling setting direction and pressure

Highlights RollerTronic:

  • Much lower maintenance costs
  • Less frequent renewal of rubber coating
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Greater process stability
  • Optimum printing conditions 


The flexibility of the superstructure has a decisive impact on the production options and cost efficiency of the entire press line. The web can be split into ribbons of different widths, with no setting work required. The patented and well-proven microporous turner bars are unique to KBA. Cantilevered for unhindered access and fast infeed, they significantly reduce the consumption of compressed air and thus conserve valuable energy. They are contamination- and smear-free and guarantee a stable ribbon run on a thin air cushion. Linear register rollers allow optimum cut-off register control.


Among printers today the concept of an integrated workflow from order reception to print production and distribution is steadily gaining currency. The diversity of equipment and software installed means that shrink-wrapped packages are rarely appropriate, so workflows must be customised using existing kit with the addition of bought-in components where necessary. We offer suitable tools in the form of LogoTronic and LogoTronic Professional, and also work closely with prominent providers of proprietary software. This enables us to offer integrated networks based on JDF (Job Definition Format). 


A standard feature of all KBA commercial presses, the basic version of LogoTronic enables essential presetting data to be transferred directly to the press. It includes a CIPLink module for the CIP3-/CIP4- compliant transfer of data for press preset, with reel- and ink-data capture available as an option. The workflow is networked using the in-house hardware (server). Inkkey, colour and dampening data can be transferred to the press for presetting.

LogoTronic professional

As an option the console can be configured with LogoTronic Professional, an openarchitecture production management system that supports production monitoring, the digital flow of job and presetting data, and the systematic evaluation of production data. It connects the press to upstream production planning and scheduling systems and commercial IT. This wellproven system translates production and administrative data into meaningful statistics and makes for greater transparency by capturing press and operational data.

LogoTronic Professional is a key link in the communication chain between the KBA press and the printshop’s management information system. New KBA presses can be embedded at any time in an existing LogoTronic Professional scenario with KBA sheetfed, newspaper and commercial web presses, delivering synergy gains and creating a uniform platform for all the presses in the printing plant. The database can be accessed either direct or, as an option, via JDF.



The LogoTronic component PressWatch provides management with an overview of all the jobs currently being run. Counter states, printing speeds, job data and progress, press status messages and a whole array of other relevant information can be displayed in real time. 



SpeedWatch creates a time/speed diagram, similarly in real time, with which all events and messages for a selected press can be depicted. Correspondingly authorised persons are able to access this information via the Internet or the company Intranet. 


JDFLink with LogoTronic professional

Interconnection of LogoTronic professional via the universal interface JDFLink offers the following advantages: 

  • Unbroken automated workflow (job data can be passed directly from the branch 

  • Access to LogoTronic professional from all connected workstations

  • Presetting and repeat data provide for shorter makeready times 

  • More effective production per shift

  • Less waste 

  • Single data input brings greater efficiency and reduces the risk of errors 

  • Improved cost accounting on the basis of exact press and production data (no daily worksheets to be completed by hand) 

  • Clearer overview through facility to retrieve all job, presetting and press data  

  • Comprehensive and transparent information for management 

Technical details

Maximum production speed 

65,000 iph

Maximum web speed 

16 mps

Cylinder circumference 

870 - 940 mm (more on request)

Maximum web width 

1,320 mm - 2,280 mm

Stock weights 

36 - 130 gsm (23 - 83 lbs)

Plate-changing time 

approx. 2 min (with fully automatic plate change)

Standard features

  • KBA reelstand
  • Infeed unit
  • Spreading roller
  • Printing units
  • Automatic plate changers
  • Blanket-washing system
  • Ink-pumping system
  • Dampening system
  • Web deflector
  • Dryer with/without afterburning  with/without integrated chill-roller stand
  • Superstructure
  • Silicone unit
  • Web-centre control
  • Colour-register control
  • Cut-off register control
  • Length gluing
  • P5 pin folder
  • Bending machine for plates and metal blankets


  • KBA Patras reel-handling system
  • Desk illumination
  • Desk height adjustment
  • Remoistening unit
  • Colour-density control system
  • Die-cutting and perforating unit
  • Coating and remoist-gluer
  • Compressed-air system
  • Cooling unit
  • Opera options
  • KBA LogoTronic Professional production management system
  • KBA EasyTronic automatic press preset