Comet 2/2

  • 24471
    Max. 75,000cph in straight production

  • Collect option for greater flexibility with high-pagination products 

  • Compact, user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology

  • Excellent quality in both heatset and coldset 

  • Dedicated DriveTronic shaftless drives for each printing couple 

  • Sophisticated console technology and product-oriented operation to facilitate handling and cut waste 

  • Wide choice of optional equipment for inline finishing, paper logistics, etc

Reel logistics

Like all KBA presses, the Comet can be integrated in a KBA Patras reel-handling system. The standard reelstand for the Comet is the KBA Pastoline

KBA Patras

  • KBA Patras supports a high level of flexibility in configuring your reel-logistics system

  • Modular design, choice of versions from manual to automatic 

  • Customised storage, transport and loading

  • Substantial cost savings shorten payback period


KBA Pastoline high-tech reelstand

Our user-friendly Pastoline automatic reelstand features AC drives, an electric braking system and divided arms. It is engineered for a maximum web speed of 13mps (2,560fpm). The arms on the standard version can be adjusted electrically in increments of one millimetre (0.039in). They can accept reels up to 1,270mm (50in) wide and weighing 1.3t (2,866lbs). To facilitate handling, the controls for the Pastoline are fully embedded in the console system.

Optional extras include a webbing-up chain for automatic web infeed. Special features such as pre-splice edge alignment between the new and the expiring web make the Pastoline suitable for semi-commercial production as well.

Printing units

The off-bearer H units in the Comet are compact, accessible and easy to handle. Engineered to the highest standards, they deliver a superb print quality. 


H units

  • Blanket-to-blanket

  • Four-high tower configuration for 4/4 with one web or 2/2 with two; additional web leads available as options 

  • Dedicated KBA DriveTronic shaftless drives for each printing couple 

  • User-friendly design

  • Remote register adjustment from the console

  • Minimum print-free margin


Inking unit

  • Film inking units with undershot ink knives 

  • Wiper and hook-on ink trough for fast ink changes 

  • Superior, stable print quality, even on challenging images and during long print runs 

  • Remote ink-key adjustment from the control console 

  • Automatic pumping of black and - where appropriate - process inks (option) 

Dampening unit

  • Triple-roller spray dampening unit

  • Individual, sensitive metering 

  • Minimal start-up waste 

  • Rapid response 

  • Constant dampening conditions 

  • Easy access, minimal maintenance
  • Easy access 

  • Space-saving design 

  • Optional disengagable dampening unit and shutter for different web widths 


25209-01 26a
Compact, durable and easy to access, the superstructure supports a high level of flexibility in everyday production. 

  • Remote-controlled, electrically driven draw rollers

  • Motorised cut-off register adjustment 

  • Turning facilities with or without bay-window rollers, insertion deck, etc. (option)


Web infeed, web tension

  • Fast webbing up with running belt on drive side, chain web-up system available as option

  • Electrically driven infeed unit 

  • KBA Basko helps operator set, control and monitor web tension 

  • Photoelectric web-break sensors

  • Pneumatic, contact-free bustle wheels compensate for fan-out




The KBA Comet can be configured with a standard KF 3B or a more highly automated KF 3 jaw folder with a 2:3:3 cylinder ratio. Both folders, which are the same size and have the same interfaces, can handle a maximum of 80 broadsheet or 160 tabloid pages and incorporate the most advanced technology on the market. 

Folder superstructure

  • Electrically driven RTF, set and controlled remotely from the console 

  • Trolleys with pneumatic throw-on/off 

  • Air-blown 71° former  



  • Two or three formers in balloon arrangement 

  • Skip slitter 

  • Length gluing unit 

  • Ribbon stitchers (for delivering stitched magazines in straight production, etc) 

  • Length and/or cross perforators, e.g. for tear-out side panels (Zip’n’Buy)


25472 big
KF 3B jaw folder  

  • Cost efficient yet highly productive 

  • Driven draw rollers, with speed and gain adjustable directly at the folder or remotely from the console 

  • Dedicated AC drives (can be used for maintenance and makeready)

  • Pneumatic expansion element at the collecting cylinder 

  • Central jaw setting  


KF 3 jaw folder

  • Advanced level of automation for a rapid reset of production-relevant functions 

  • Collecting-cylinder diameter pneumatically adjustable to copy thickness 

  • Remote adjustment of over and underfold 

  • Electronic copy control with counte


KBA folders: key features

  • Exceptional reliability 

  • High-precision folding 

  • Exact delivery

  • Easy handling 

  • Convenient maintenance 

  • High safety standards 

  • Long service life  



  • Choice of chopper fold as quarterfold 

  • Second parallel cross fold 

  • Section stitcher 

  • Gluing and/or softening unit


Distributed controls for electrical and electronic components at subassembly level and a choice of automation options enable press handling, control and preset to be customised to individual requirements. 

Subassembly level with distributed control system

  • Reelstands, printing units and folders are controlled via remote processors located directly in the relevant units

  • The processors are linked to each other and to the control console via a powerful data bus system


Press level with control and data system

During the print run all automated press functions are initiated, monitored and controlled from the console. Even the basic version is copy-based, enabling individual pages to be selected directly
and automatically assigning them to the relevant printing couple. 


Process level

Integration into a production management system with optional modules for production planning, press presetting and control.

  • RIP interface enables digital pre-press data to be downloaded for presetting ink keys

  • Scanner for presetting ink profiles

  • Direct data exchange with administrative departments

Technical Data

Maximum web width 

1,000 mm
(39.37 in) 



Cylinder circumference 

1,000 - 1,400 mm
(39.37 - 55 in) 




500 - 700 mm
(standard steps: 500/533.4/546/560/578/598.5/630/700 m, others on request)
(19.68 - 27.5 in)
(19.6/21/21.5/22/22.75/23.5/24.8/27.5 in) 



Maximum output 

75,000 cph in straight production


70,000 cph with circumference <1,260 mm
(49.6 in) 


65,000 cph with circumference <1,197 mm
(47.1 in)  



Printing units 

H-type with 2 - 4 printing couples


Stacked H-type with up to 8 printing couples (four-high tower)


Film inking units with undershot ink blades



Shaftless drives 

DriveTronic, with one dedicated AC motor per printing unit




Semi-commercial package with thermal dryer



Pastoline reelstand  


Maximum reel diameter

1,270 mm
(50 in)  

Maximum splicing speed

13 mps
(2,560 fpm) 



KF 3 folder 


Cylinder ratio


Maximum capacity

80 broadsheet pages, 160 tabloid pages