Commander 6/2

Commander 6/2

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    Fewer units, smaller footprint, lower investment and manning costs and higher net output enhance cost efficiency

  • 9-cylinder satellites guarantee precise colour registration

  • Undershot film inking units deliver brilliant colour

  • Fewer webs reduce waste

  • Fewer subassemblies reduce the number of operating/maintenance tasks and potential error sources in electronic and automation systems

  • Dedicated KBA DriveTronic drives with AC motor for each printing couple enhance flexibility and accelerate makeready

  • User-friendly galleries create optimum working conditions

  • Automation, output (90,000 cph) and other features correspond to the same high standards as our flagship Commander 4/2

Printing units / inking units

Nine-cylinder satellites

Nine-cylinder satellites eliminate fan-out and ensure precise colour registration – even on wide webs. 

All our six-by-two presses for newspaper formats up to a maximum web width of 2,400mm (94½in) are configured as nine-cylinder satellites, stacked in twos for 4-over-4 and non-reversible. Nine-cylinder satellites deliver a precise colour registration in full-colour production because the web paths between the four printing couples are extremely short. 

Our 6/2 presses feature three-roller spray dampeners and full- or third-width (= two broadsheet pages side by side) undershot ink ducts. KBA RollerTronic automatic roller locks, which allow the rollers to be set precisely from the console, are a standard feature. 


Minigaps and quick-action pneumatic locks

User-friendly quick-action clamps on the plate cylinders and minigaps with pneumatic locks on the blanket cylinders promote a streak-free print, even on webs measuring more than 2m (79in) across. 

To improve the rigidity of six-by-two presses and eliminate problems caused by vibration, the superwide plate cylinders on KBA presses have optimised quick-action clamps. A continuous gap and pneumatic plate clamps, plus optional semi-automatic plate changers, shorten changeover times even when double-spread plates are used. The blanket cylinders feature our proven minigaps and metal-backed blanket plates for a superb print quality, high-speed blanket changes and reduced maintenance. 

The blanket plates on the 6/2 Commander are each one-third of a cylinder wide for easier handling. To enhance stability the lock-up slot on the centre plate is staggered 180° around the circumference relative to the two outer plates. This means that the press can still print double-spread pages with no problem. 

Reel logistics / superstructure

The Commander 6/2 is fed by KBA Pastomat CL heavy-duty reinforced reelstands embedded in a KBA Patras A reel-logistics system to support maximum automation. 














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The superstructure and folder superstructure are custom-configured. Three formers side by side are the standard arrangement, with cantilevered turner bars available as an option. 

Folder / Automation

The press can be configured with our proven KF5 or high-end KF7 jaw folders, or our heavy-duty RF3 gear folder. 









Cutting-edge console technology and an advanced level of press automation are routine features on KBA presses.

Technical details

Maximum web width (format-dependent) 

2,520 mm

Cylinder circumference 

900 - 1,260 mm

Maximum output 

90,000 cp


Printing unit configuration 

9-cylinder satellites

KBA DriveTronic shaftless drives 

Dedicated AC motor for each printing couple or steel impression cylinder

KBA Pastomat CL reelstand 


Maximum reel diameter*

1,524 mm

Maximum web width*

2,520 mm

Maximum splicing speed*

17.2 mps

Maximum reel weight*

6 t

KBA KF 5 jaw folder  


Cylinder ratio


Maximum output collect

120 broadsheet pages

KBA KF 7 jaw folder  


Cylinder ratio


Maximum output collect

144 broadsheet pages

KBA RF 3 gear folder 


Cylinder ratio


Maximum output collect

160 broadsheet pages



* depending on reelstand version


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