Commander CL

Commander CL

KBA Commander CL: major attributes

  • Customised automation
  • Compact design, short makeready times, minimum production costs
  • Four-high tower just 6m (19ft 7in) high with easy access
  • Retrofittable automated plate change
  • Automatic plate change in less than 3 minutes
  • Superior inking-unit technology with three forme rollers
  • New cylinder bearings for an excellent print quality
  • KBA RollerTronic automatic roller locks
  • Dedicated drives throughout for maximum precision
  • KBA CleanTronic automatic blanket washing (optional)
  • Inking-roller washing unit (optional)
  • Heatset package for semi-commercial production (optional)
  • Cutting-edge KBA ErgoTronic console technology
  • Fast presetting via KBA PressNet (optional)

Printing unit

F2 Commander CL DE PWHA
The Commander CL’s off-bearer printing units are precision engineered, compact yet easily accessible. The torsionally rigid box-type construction of the side frames and the new cylinder bearing guarantee a smooth press run and superb print quality. Towers that are just six metres (19ft 7in) high shorten the distance between the printing couples, reduce fan-out and, in conjunction with mechanical bustle wheels between the stacked H-type units, ensure good registration. Pneumatic bustle wheels are optional.

Intelligent plate and blanket cylinder systems

With the standard lock-up slot used for manual plate change the plates can be mounted fast and in-register without the aid of tools. Continuous slots support the use of double-spread plates. The lock-up slot can be preconfigured for conversion to a pneumatic plate lock in preparation for a subsequent upgrade to automatic or semi-automatic plate changing. A double clamping bar for the blankets allows the leading and trailing edges to be clamped separately for a perfect fit. The blankets can be mounted using an optional spindle system to support heatset semicommercial production. Provision has been made for the addition of optional blanket washing units.



Fast run-up to colour

The undershot film inking unit adopted from our Commander CT has full-width ink ducts and three forme rollers (two with a 4/1 configuration). The result is less dot gain, enhanced process stability, frugal ink take-up, outstanding solids, a contrast-rich image reproduction and minimal ghosting. With this inking unit it is possible to achieve a higher colour density and a larger colour space in coldset printing that is above the norm. The roller constellation, with two direct ink trains, makes for a quick response and reduces ink mist. This cuts waste and cleaning input. An automated inkingunit washing system is available as an option, as is inking-unit cooling which we recommend where long-run production is the order of the day.

Optimised spray dampeners

The new-generation triple-roller spray dampeners are always installed in the pre- dampening position. The fount solution is transferred to the dampening distributor roller via an optimised cylinder-wide spray bar with two nozzles per page and individual pulse control for each nozzle. A new nozzle-cleaning function eliminates contamination and reduces maintenance. Where production entails different web widths the spray dampeners can be fitted with optional shutters that are adjustable from the console.

Dedicated drives for each printing couple

The KBA Commander CL shaftless drive concept incorporates one AC motor per printing couple. Dedicated drives allow an independent, time-saving makeready. They also deliver enormous benefits in terms of operating ease, flexibility, web tension, print quality and waste.


Automatic or semi-automatic plate changing

Optional automatic or semi-automatic plate changers cut makeready and changeover times, creating additional production capacity where frequent job changes are routine. With the automatic system, once the plates have been sorted – in register – into the holder at the relevant printing couple the changing sequence is completed in just three minutes with no further manual intervention. The plates are aligned at the central register, guided to the lock-up slots in the corresponding plate cylinder and locked pneumatically. All the plate cylinders are accessible throughout.




KBA RollerTronic a unique feature

KBA RollerTronic automatic roller locks are far superior to other systems and have been installed in their thousands. The inking and dampening rollers can be set or adjusted individually or collectively in a complete section in just two minutes by push-button at the console. Throw-on pressure is set according to predefined reference values and the rollers are then locked mechanically. This results in a more uniform print quality, less roller abrasion, lower energy consumption and a reduction in maintenance input at the printing units. Irksome and time-consuming manual roller setting is a thing of the past.




AGV-Cortina06 Patras S 8
KBA Patras reel-handling system

The Commander CL can also be embedded in a KBA Patras paper-reel transport system (see separate brochure), enabling reel logistics to be customised up to and including automatic pagination change. The choice of module-based configurations ranges from manually assisted to fully automated, supporting total customisation to suit both your production technology and the space available. KBA plans and develops reel-logistics systems to your individual specifications.


Numerous configuration options support a high level of flexibility when structuring a newspaper. KBA also offers diverse concepts for processing different web widths.

Automatic chain webbing-up system

A chain pulls the web over a rail system from the reelstand to the turner bars or over the former. This guarantees a wide choice of wed leads, the ability to feed in individual, multiple or all webs simultaneously, fast job changes and ergonomic operation. In heatset production it is even possible to web up through the dryer.

Controlled web tension

The motorised infeed unit, which in the Commander CL is installed after the reelstand, is driven by an AC motor and can be remotely adjusted from the console. Low-mass idler rollers ensure a smooth web travel and minimise cut-off misregister when accelerating or braking the press. Several photo cells monitor the web as it runs through the entire press. At every point in production the press operator is supported by a KBA Basko web-tension control system that ensures optimum web tension.

A lot can be done at the console

The ability to turn, shift and (as an option) insert individual ribbons promotes a high level of production flexibility. The slitters before the draw rollers are easily accessible and, uniquely in newspaper printing, feature high-quality cutting heads with automatic depth adjustment. Because they cut cleanly, like a pair of scissors, they generate very little dust so there is no need for dust extraction prior to turning. The ribbons are guided to the former infeed via air-blown turner bars. The draw rollers before the turner bars, the ribbon gathering rollers and the RTF are remotely adjustable. The turner bars can be set from the console. Colour and/or cut-off register controls can be installed upon request.

Multiple options in the folder superstructure

The standard constellation is two adjacent folders for 4/2 and 4/1 and three folders for 6/2 configurations. Balloon formers and other options are also possible. Alongside skip slitters and ribbon stitchers other optional extras include length gluing units, length/cross perforators (e.g. Zip’n’Buy for tear-out perforated sidebars) and a four-page centre spread capability.

Folder and reelstand

Precise folders and exact copy delivery

There is a choice of two cutting-edge folders, each of them engineered for a specific output and page count. Our KF 3 jaw folder has a maximum hourly output of 42,000 80-page broadsheet copies in straight production. Our heavy-duty KF 5 folder can handle up to 45,000 120-page copies per hour straight. All KBA folders are highly automated and fully embedded in the KBA DriveTronic shaftless drive system. If desired, the folders can be fitted with a quarterfold capability or a section stitcher for delivering stitched magazines in either straight or collect mode.






New-generation reelstand

The Commander CL can be configured with a choice of two very reliable Pastomat reelstands. The classic Pastomat C is engineered for a maximum reel weight of 2.2 tonnes (4,850lbs). For heavier reel weights we have developed the optional, heavy-duty Pastomat CL (Classic Large).

Both models (see separate brochure) are driven and braked by robust AC servo motors via the reel core and have infinitely adjustable divided arms for handling reels of different widths to support pagination changes on the fly. They also have distributed operating screens and are fully embedded in the press control system. Even at high web speeds, our Pastomat reelstands function reliably and safely and require minimum maintenance.


KBA EasyPlan

Good planning is crucial to sustainable success. This is also true in the newspaper industry. EasyPlan provides predefined production data which the operator can use for makeready. Individual input is also possible.  

KBA EasySet

In order to minimise edition changes and waste, and also guarantee production stability and quality, various press parameters must be preset ready for the next print run. KBA EasySet was developed to enable fast presetting of the complete press line from the console. The multi-stage presetting system stores the preset data for register, web tension and temperature control, along with process-specific acceleration curves. Once optimised, the values can be stored and downloaded for similar print runs.

KBA EasyStart

EasyStart allows the press to be run up to production speed at the touch of a button. The ultimate speed, and the length of time that any specific speed is to be maintained during run-up to the ultimate speed, can be freely configured by the operator to match requirements.

KBA EasyClean-up

With a KBA press, pushbutton run-down is no longer a distant vision. EasyCleanup incorporates predefined sequences for automatically running the web free, cleaning the inking units and blankets, and removing all the plates. This gives the operator more time to prepare for the next job.

KBA EasyReport

Detecting, analysing and avoiding errors in future are key factors in enhancing productivity and cutting costs. KBA EasyReport is a valuable aid in documenting print production. All messages are recorded in a long-term history log. This, plus the ability to export and filter messages, supports error analysis and minimisation. KBA EasyReport’s message system also allows the complete documentation of all print jobs, with a detailed production log.


Technical data

Maximum production speed*:


(4/1: 84,000cph)


450 - 630mm (17.7 - 24.8in)

Maximum web width:

1,730mm (68.1in)

Printing units:

Standard equipment

  • KBA RollerTronic automatic roller bearings
  • Inking unit with three forme rollers (4/1 with two)
  • New-generation triple-roller spray dampener with nozzle-cleaning function
  • KBA DriveTronic dedicated drives
  • Water-cooled main motors
  • Two-bar clamp for blanket cylinders
  • Lock-up slot on plate cylinders
  • Optimised cylinder bearings
  • Mechanical bustle wheel in printing tower

Optional equipment:

  • Plate cylinder preconfigured for retrofitting pneumatic plate lock-up necessary for automatic or semi-automatic systems
  • Semi-automatic plate change
  • Automatic plate change
  • Spindle tensioning for blanket cylinder (heatset)
  • CleanTronic blanket-washing unit
  • Shutter in spray dampening unit for different web widths
  • Automatic roller-cleaning system
  • Oil cooling
  • Inking-unit temperature control (two distributor rollers)
  • Pneumatic bustle wheel
  • Automatic inking and dampening unit coupling

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