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    Maximum rated output 80,000 cph
  • Available in three versions: four plates wide and one or two around, or six plates wide and two around
  • A height of around 4 m for a four-high tower facilitates handling and allows installation in standard industrial buildings
  • Waterless, keyless inking units minimise waste, eliminate fan-out and promote a uniform print quality with little or no manual intervention
  • Space-saving, user-friendly design
  • Gearless, oil-free printing unit with dedicated AC drive for each cylinder supports flying plate changes and integration into computer-to-press systems at a later date
  • Eight-high tower version (height approx. 9m) makes flying imprint changes in 4/4 production more cost-efficient than ever before
  • StepIn tower splits down the centre to afford easy access for maintenance tasks
  • Engineered to reduce emissions (minimum waste, no dampening, no oil lubrication)
  • Orders for 4/1, 4/2 and 6/2 versions have been placed by printers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UAE

Waterless offset

The Cortina successfully marries waterless offset with newspaper production. Dispensing with dampeners, in conjunction with our keyless inking system (Newsflow), can substantially enhance cost efficiency while delivering a uniformly high print quality. The large proportion of Cortina users who were accepted for membership of the Ifra Color Quality Club in 2008 and 2010 is indicative of waterless offset’s considerable quality potential.

Benefitsof waterless offset:

  • Minimum waste, less paper consumption
  • Better, more consistent print quality (less dot gain, 60lpc screen, FM screen)
  • No problems with web tension
  • No dampener, no water additives
  • No problems with ink/water balance
  • No fan-out, even on wide webs
  • Easy, labour-saving operation
  • High-speed changes between coldset and heatset (with dryer)
  • Enhanced ecology

Compact design

DT Cortina
The unique, space-saving design of a Cortina four-high tower, which at around 4m (13ft) has only one main operating level, expands your options with regard to investment planning, edition splitting and handling. 

  • Little or no investment needed in new buildings
  • Lower capital investment costs for press and infrastructure
  • Lower running costs (heating, cooling, maintenance etc)
  • Easier handling, just one main operating level
  • Module-based design allows maximum utilisation space
  • Eight-high tower with straightforward vertical web lead allows flying imprint changes in 4/4 production e.g. at Edipresse in Lausanne, Switzerland


Size for size, the Cortina has a much higher pagination and colour capability than conventional tower presses. On top of this, its module-based system supports a wide choice of configurations to accommodate space constraints, with the 6/2 version delivering the biggest savings. Press lines include coldset, heatset and hybrid versions.  

The Cortina's modular design allows configurations to be customised to suit presshall architecture and the space available. 

Printing units

28029 012
The Cortina is available in three versions: for four plates across and one around; four across and two around; or six across and two around. It has a maximum rated output of 80,000 copies per hour in straight-run production.  

  • Semi-automatic plate changing with pneumatic plate clamping shortens makeready and eases handling
  • Optional automatic plate changing cuts changing time for one or all plates to around two minutes, reducing manning requirements for edition changes
  • StepIn tower unit splits down the centre to afford easy access for cleaning and maintenance work, e.g. blanket changes
  • KBA RollerTronic automatically adjustable roller locks, KBA NipTronic bearing units and KBA CleanTronic integrated blanket washing reduce maintenance and ensure a uniform print quality
  • KBA TemperaTronic controls promote a consistently high print quality by maintaining a uniform temperature in the plate cylinder and anilox roller
  • KBA Plate-Ident automatic plate-recognition system guarantees error-free plate allocation

Inking unit

The Newsflow keyless inking units on the Cortina are specifically engineered for waterless web offset printing at high speeds.

The Cortina is the world’s first coldset newspaper press with the ability to print a 60lpc (150lpi) screen or FM screen as standard, though conventional screens are also possible.

Ink is pumped to the plates continuously, irrespective of ink coverage, via a doctor blade4, an anilox roller and two ink-forme rollers. Two oscillating distributor rollers and two additional inking rollers ensure a perfectly smooth ink film. Emulsification – a familiar problem in conventional offset – simply does not occur with the Cortina. 

  • More uniform colour reproduction, less waste when printing split editions
  • More standardised production, fewer variables
  • No operator-related fluctuations in inking
  • Temperature control for optimum print quality
  • Optimum reproduction of quality defined in pre-press  
  • Press presetting reduced to a minimum
  • Units can be swung down pneumatically for easier access
  • No ink misting at high press speeds


Coldset, heatset or both – with no change of ink 

One of the Cortina’s unique properties is its ability to print coldset and heatset products, or a combination of both, with no ink change and no fan-out whatsoever

Superstructure and folder

The Cortina’s innovative turner-bar deck is as compact and ergonomic as the rest of the press. 

Short ribbon paths and convenient operation make for fast edition changes, while the absence of ink keys and dampeners is a big advantage when handling webs of different widths:

  • More convenient operation and less manual intervention, e.g. thanks to chain web-up system
  • Shorter web leads
  • Choice of performance-proven KF3 or KF5 folder

Drives and automation

The cylinders, inking units and other subassemblies in the Cortina printing units have dedicated shaftless AC drives for gearless, oil-free operation. The press boasts a high level of automation throughout, controlled from a console featuring top-spec KBA technology.  

Dedicated drives: a world first in offset  

  • Make setting and maintenance tasks much easier
  • Support direct imaging in the press as soon as computer-to-press becomes an economically viable alternative to computer-to-plate in newspaper printing
  • Enhance environmental credentials (no oil in the press)

Modular automation system 

  • Remote processing station with control display at printing unit
  • Advanced console technology
  • Optional link to master systems for press preset, process control and production monitoring

Winning features

Compact design 

Four-high tower approx. 4m (13ft) high
Eight-high tower approx. 9m (29ft 6in) high

Printing units 

StepIn glide-apart tower
Dedicated drives for cylinders and inking units
Oil-free operation
KBA PlateTronic automatic (option) or semi-automatic plate changing
KBA RollerTronic automatic roller locks
Innovative KBA NipTronic bearing units
KBA Plate-Ident automatic plate recognition (option)
KBA CleanTronic integrated blanket washing system
Keyless inking units
Waterless offset

Printing quality 

60 lpc (150 lpi) screen on newsprint
Good semi-commercial quality in heatset mode with no change of ink
Problem-free hybrid coldset/heatset production

Technical Data

KBA Cortina 4/2 


Maximum rated output*):

45,000 cph

Maximum web width:

1,680 mm (66.14 in)

Cylinder circumference:

900 - 1,197 mm (35.43 - 7.1 in)

KBA Cortina 4/1 


Maximum rated output*):

86,000 cph

Maximum web width:

1,680 mm (66.14 in)

Cylinder circumference:

470 - 598.5 mm (18.5 - 23.56 in)

KBA Cortina 6/2 


Maximum rated output*):

45,000 cph

Maximum web width:

2,100 mm (82.67 in)

Cylinder circumference:

900 - 1,156 mm (35.43 - 45.51 in)



Printing units: 

4-high or 8-high towers




KBA Pastomat C
KBA Pastomat CL




KF 5 or KF 3




*) depending on format and folder


Other formats upon request


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