Ispezioni della macchina

Regular inspections are essential for a long press life and a consistently high level of press productivity.

Our service team provides a full and detailed status analysis for your press line(s) together with recommendations for necessary and optional maintenance and repair work. Maintenance deficits, abrasion or damage to your press can thus be detected and remedied in good time, safeguarding its performance on a sustained basis by eliminating the risk of unscheduled downtimes. Possible upgrades to enhance productivity and cost efficiency can be discussed at the same time.

Mechanical inspection

The precise and reliable functioning of mechanical components play a very important role in determining productivity and quality during print production. We therefore recommend regular inspections of all important mechanical press components by our KBA experts.

Electrical inspection

Our KBA service personnel bring a trained eye and a high level of expertise to the electrical inspection of your press line. This electrical inspection comprises visual and functional inspections ranging from the switch cabinets’ components, connections to consoles and section controls.

Save costs with a KBA service contract

Save costs by integrating the press inspection’s scope of services in a KBA service contract. Already in the first year you will benefit from volume and time-dependent discounts.