Dritter Falz

For producing attractive small-format flyers

Printed products in small, practical formats are highly popular with readers, for they offer compact information and, on account of their small size, are also easy to read even in cramped spaces.

Retrofitting a module to produce the quarter fold is thus an interesting means for you to increase the format variety in your product portfolio and thus to open up profitable new market segments. This allows you to create very attractive, practical, small-format advertising flyers, which are ideal for inserting into tabloid products, for example.

Whether as special flyers for events, television guides or simply as advertisements, these small, compact products are frequently kept by readers, taken along and also read through several times.

To produce the quarter fold, a printed product, after the first longitudinal fold at the folder former and the first cross fold in the folding unit, is transported on belts to the folder table. There the second longitudinal fold or quarter fold is created with a lever-type folding blade and the respective folding rollers. Since all product folds can already be produced inline with the KBA retrofitting module, these operating stages can be dispensed with in subsequent processing. Optionally, the printed products can also be glued, stitched or cut, thus creating a compact magazine format.

The powerful, robust KBA retrofitting module for creating the quarter fold is characterised by exact delivery of particularly accurately folded small-format products. It will convince you with a high degree of reliability, precision, userfriendliness and ease of maintenance.