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Are you moving to a new building and location? Then it might be best if you finally remove that older press and realign your press room for a more ergonomic workflow. KBA offers complete stop-to-start programs to optimize your plant workflow.

KBA factory-certified teams have visited print shops not only around North America but around the world, so they have been able to pick up the best of the best practices on printing company layouts and designs. They then use this experience as a reference and can compare to your own personal situation.

Our team is looking forward to come in and analyses how plates, paper and other supplies come into your shop and then go onto bindery, finishing or shipping and how it impacts your press room operation. We can then make several recommendations on how to optimize your plant for improved workflow.

We suggest doing this during production hours so we can experience exactly how your staff is working in their current environment but if necessary we can make our analysis after hours as well.

We know that after several hours we can determine what would work best for your organization and then we follow-up with a plan and financial cost structure. We then offer a meeting with your management to review costs, down time for such a move and the benefits you will receive. Remember a few days of inconvenience for such a relocation or move that can yield years of better workflow and the many benefits that come along with it.

Basic services:

  • Consultation, planning and implementation of printing press relocations

  • Appraisal and site viewing

  • Dismantling and reassembly of the system

  • Safe transport to the desired installation site (incl. insurance)

  • Installation, start-up and functional testing

  • Check of printing quality before dismantling and after reassembly (test print)

  • Support for production start-up

  • Creation of an acceptance/transfer protocol


Your benefits:

  • Precision and quality implementation for printing presses and system installations

  • Security and competence through the manufacturer

  • Efficient and reliable planning and coordination

  • Individual solutions

  • Competitive prices

Additional services:

  • Machine-Check-Program and maintenance during the reassembly

  • Servicing and maintenance tasks during set-up

  • Optimization through efficient modernization and upgrades of the printing press

  • Dry ice and ultrasound cleaning

  • Training of printing press personnel

  • Implementing customer-specific requests

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