QualiTronic Professional

QualiTronic Professional is a combination of the inline colour measuring system QualiTronic ColorControl and inline image inspection. The camera system for colour measurement is integrated directly into the press with LED illumination and permits fully automatic comparison of the printed sheet with a stored reference.


As soon as printing starts, the printer starts teaching-in of a defined number of good sheets, from which the system automatically creates a reference. From this moment on, all subsequent sheets are automatically compared with this reference. If any differences or defects are detected in the printed image, they are displayed on the screen and the affected sheets are marked in the pile by inserting a tag. lt is furthermore possible to create statistics reports in PDF format.


After definition of the inspection job and creation of a reference, each individual printed sheet is inspected. The system functions right up to maximum production speed.


QualiTronic Professional




Technical Data

Geometric resolution / interpolated (medium format)

50 / 100 dpi

Geometric resolution / interpolated (large format)

35 / 70 dpi

Inspection cycle / makeready1)

1 / 150 sheets

Measuring time (density)

0,2 s

1) Reference job "KBA_Ger_Color"